Start Time
End Time
Whitelist Presale

18 Dec 13:00 (UTC)

18 Dec 15:00 (UTC)

Public Presale

18 Dec 15:00 (UTC)

21 Dec 13:00 (UTC)

Launch on PancakeSwap

21 Dec 13:00 (UTC)

21 Dec 19:00 (UTC)

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How do I participate in the Presale?

We partnered with PinkSale for our $Flokicoke presale. Click here for a detailed guide on how to participate in a Pinksale presale.

How do I claim my tokens?

Click the guide below for a detailed guide of how to claim tokens as part of a PinkSale presale.

Why does $FlokiCoke only support BInance Smart Chain?

Transaction fees for the Binance Smart Chain are much lower than Ethereum, and transaction time is also quicker. BEP-20 has the same address aas ERC-20. $Flokicoke plans to fully integrate with the Binance DApp Ecosystem.

How do I buy $BNB?

You can buy $BNB on Binance and send it directly to your wallet. You can also use your debit or credit card to purchase $BNB directly via TrustWallet.

What is $FlokiCoke?

$FlokiCoke is built on the Binance Smart Chain and is one of the first Floki meme projects to work collaboratively with a manufacturer to product coke. $FlokiCoke is looking to fully revolutionize the decentralized world. Here at $FlokiCoke we are more than just a Defi token, we are a real coke business and future of Defi.

How do I buy $FlokiCoke?

After launch, you can buy $FlokiCoke on PancakeSwap with $BNB. The official $Flokicoke contract address is 0xb04Abb901A47A03A44533b80Fa02434440FC4fC3.

How did the $FlokiCoke token come into existence?

On June of 25th, 2021 Elon Musk AKA DogeFather tweeted "My Shiba Inu will be named Floki" and from there the idea of creating the FlokiCoke came into existence.

What exchanges are we listed and what are the plans for future listings?

After the presale, we will list on PancakeSwap. We will also target some centralised exchanges which will be disclosed as we are near to listing on these exchanges.

How does $FlokiCoke plan to create awareness and ensure mainstream adoption?

FlokiCoke plans to create awareness and ensure mainstream adoption by leveraging the power of memes and aggresssive marketing.

Thanks to FlokiCoke's brilliant tokenomics, the Floki treasury is healthily funded and allows us to develop strong real coke business projects.

More importantly, FlokiCoke is able to market its brand aggressively — creating mechanism awareness about FlokiCoke, our goals, and the real coke business projects we're building.

What are reflections?

Reflection are tokens that our investors will receive directly to their wallets. These reflections come from the tax that other investors pay during their transactions. When volume and volatility are high, our investors will earn large amounts of reflections. This encourages a system of long-term holding, and rewards dedicated investors who have "diamond hands".

What does “Token Burn” mean?

50% of all tokens will be burned immediately. We will continue to burn tokens to ensure that $FlokiCoke remains deflationary. This burn, in addition to our auto-buyback mechanism, will reduce the available supply of $FlokiCoke and help to increase the value of $FlokiCoke for our investors.

Is $FlokiCoke safe? Has the $FlokiCoke contract been audited and KYC?

We always advise investors to do their own research to make the safest decisions with their money. Below is a list of key features of $FlokiCoke which we have put together to help our investors feel confident investing with us.

  • Audited: Our contract was audited by, an independent third party smart-contract auditing company before the presale started.
  • KYC: Our development team has a KYC certificate and has been verified by both and PinkSale.
  • Transparent: Our contract's source code was verified on so you can feel confident that what you see is what you get!
  • Anti-dump: Our contract and tokenomics have been designed to prevent large sales/dumps by "whale" investors, which is a problem for most other projects. Our conract design incentivizes long-term holding, which stabilizes the price for our investors.
  • Liquidity Pool Lock: PinkSale has locked the liqudity for two years, and unlocking the pool before then is impossibile.
  • Token Lock: 94% of the total tokens are either owned by investors, or have been burned. The remaining tokens are reserved for marketing and development. In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, the development team does not hold any tokens.
  • Marketing: The $FlokiCoke team created a tokenomics system that reserved the largest portion of taxes for marketing purposes. We are committed to an aggressive marketing strategy, which will benefit our long-term investors.
  • Business-backed: Our $FlokiCoke token is different than other meme projects. Here at $FlokiCoke we have partnerships with manufacturers to produce a real-world product. The $FlokiCoke team has set a legitmate business. The profits from coke sales will be used in part to carry out token buybacks, further creating value for our long-term investors.